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Welcome to PROPERTY GUIDE, your trusted partner in financial solutions and real estate ventures. At PROPERTY GUIDE, we specialize in providing comprehensive loan services in Nationalized Banks and expert guidance in the dynamic world of real estate with the help of highly standardized legal and valuation team.


In Home Loan

PROPERTY GUIDE provide tailored home loan service on nationalized banks with standardized RBI products for the clients as per their requirements with end to end transparent process.


In Real Estate

PROPERTY GUIDE seasoned real estate professionals brings in-depth market knowledge to guide you through the complexities of property transactions. From buying and selling to investing and development, we are committed to your success.

At PROPERTY GUIDE, transparency is key. We believe in open communication and clear, straightforward processes. Our clients can trust us to provide honest advice and navigate them through each step of their financial or real estate journey.

PROPERTY GUIDE was established in 2021 by Mr. Thiyagarajan c who has working experience in nationalized banking sector for last 10 years in home loan division at Chennai.

 As of now Processed over 1000 numbers of loans for past 10 years in Nationalized Bank with this vast experience we decided to start our own company for providing service for both home loan and property purchase for his reputed client referrals.

At PROPERTY GUIDE, our mission is to give transparent and hassle free end to end home loan service and real estate experience on property buying and selling to all segmented clients without any compromise in user friendly practice.

 And we are dedicated to give after loan service for the home loan clients for their entire tenure with our specialized team.

 This after loan service will be the main key point or added advantage to the clients which was offereing by PROPERTY GUIDE comparatively from any other loan service providers.

 At PROPERTY GUIDE every property buying & selling transaction will be made after legal and valuation scrutinization with the experts to safeguard our buyer’s community.

In Home Loan

To make home loan process in Nationalized Banks  in smooth, fast and easy way for all categorized clients to get their home loan for house purchase.

To make all the clients as knowledgeable in the home loan process by clarifying their doubts in each and every step of the process.


In Real Estate

To make property buying & selling transaction with more transparent and smooth with user friendly co-ordination and service for all categorized clients.


Our Home loan process will be done with only Nationalized Banks.

First of all PROPERTY GUIDE was designed to approach the process with the banks and in real estate transaction from consumer (purchaser) point of view. Company will always stands with buyer’s opinion.

Road map and the time duration of the process will be clearly explained with the clients  for their understanding before starting our journey.

Transparent process will be maintained from start to end with the clients by updating each and every stages in home loan process and property buying, selling transaction.



We encourage all our customers with the token of bonus by cash rewards or gift voucher with there every new service taken by our PROPERTY GUIDE.

We created exclusive service desk for our existing home loan clients to attain their after loan services from residence without moving to the bank.                         



In PROPERTY GUIDE, We Putting customers at the heart of everything we do, we prioritize their needs, satisfaction, and experience, crafting a service that revolves around their unique journey and preferences.




Transparent processes and honest communication, ensuring trust and credibility in every transaction.


Consistent and dependable services, meeting deadlines, and delivering on promises to build lasting relationships.

Community Focus:

Contributing positively to the community by fostering responsible lending practices and promoting sustainable real estate development